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Learning Guide: Docentes de inglés de básica y media

Author: Evelyn Perdomo, Ibeth Jaramillo, Miriam Sánchez Rubio, Patricio Puentes. – Description: This self-study guide allows you to practice vocabulary about different types of weather and
clothing. The activities you’ll find here are based on the book Way to Go! 7th Grade, Module 4,
Unit 1, page 134. The guide starts with a classification chart to help you remember some vocabulary, then continues with a reading exercise in which you will recognize sentences in the present progressive. After that, you will demonstrate your understanding of the reading by completing different activities. Finally, you will make a written production where you apply what you have learned about the subject and the vocabulary of this class. Are you ready? Let’s go!

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Learning Guide: Traditional games

Author: Daniela Mejía Rodríguez – Description: This study guide helps you learn how to express ideas about your free time activities, your hobbies and interests and some plans you have to use your free time. You need to use the book Way to go 7th grade, unit 1, lesson 3. Plus, you are to record a voice message telling your classmates about your parents answers and the traditional games you know. The voice message will be shared in the group chat where all students can interact talking about the games in English.

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Teaching Guide: Let´s see the world

Author: Luz Yanet Asprilla López – Description: This plan allows students to know about other cultures meantime they learn to express actions in the present continuous. It also serves as input to inspire other teachers to apply it in their classrooms.

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Teaching Guide: What can I do to help?

Author: Jessica Solano Rodríguez – Description: This plan helps other teachers to organize a class taking into account different approaches, the context and students’ needs. This lesson plan will help Ts and Ss to love English and practice it in their daily life.

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Teaching Guide: How is my school life?

Author: Rodolfo Augusto Sanchez Lopez – Description: This lesson plan gives the students the opportunity to recognize their daily routines at school while practicing the present tenses through different fun and meaningful activities. It also provides teachers with different ways to assess students’ performance and level of understanding.

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