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Learning Guide: My family

Author: Idalith Abondano Rodríguez, Sandra Milena Guerrero Pulido, Juan Carlos Prieto Bilbao – Description: This English self-study guide will help you to practice vocabulary related with family members
and physical appearance using well-structured sentences with the Verb to Be; in addition, this
knowledge will be put into practice in a simple reading, with a specific context. These activities
can be found in the book Way to go 6, Unit 3 Lesson 1, page 32. This will begin with a vocabulary
review activity about family and possessives, then you have to do a short reading handling the
same vocabulary and the grammatical structure of the To Be verb.

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Learning Guide: Knowing my family

Author: Jorge Leonardo Vargas Renza, Elkin Mauricio Quintero García – Description: Hello dear student. I am glad to know you are doing a great job and you will keep doing your best. In this learning guide you will practice your reading, writing, and speaking skills, and the vocabulary and grammar we already worked on in the last sessions which is related to family members. I am going to guide you through this learning guide in order to make your work easier.

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Teaching Guide: Family Life

Author: Norma Constanza Silva Cubillos – Description: This plan is useful because it has been designed as a guide that shows step-by-step significant activities that allow students to acquire easy, fun, interesting, motivating and contextualized learnings. It has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the Suggested Curriculum Structure and Basic Learning Rights. The purpose is that Colombian teachers can find a model that allows them to improve the preparation and presentation of their classes.

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Author: France Katherine Páez Suárez – Description: This lesson plan gives the students a chance to share personal information with their classmates. It also gives them the opportunity to listen about others improving their social interaction.

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