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Learning Guide: Jobs

Author: Alberto Navia, Pablo Felipe Ordoñez – Description: Hello, in this guide we are going to use the present continuous tense to describe activities that are happening at this moment. You will find vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing tasks which help you to practise the present continuous tense. At the end, you will send an email to your best friend telling him/her about what you’re doing during the pandemic.

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Teaching Guide: Colombia is full of valuable people

Author: Álvaro Andrés Montaño Bustamante – Description: This lesson plan allows the teacher to work on Colombian values through studying important people who have given our country recognition all over the world. It helps the pupils to have positive models of wonderful people to be followed. Finally, it is an excellent resource to learn L2 since it leads students to practice basic tenses through different activities.

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Teaching Guide: Family

Author: Gladis Robira Muñoz Rosero – Description: This activity plan helps students to describe their family in written and orally. They also learn vocabulary related to professions. This plan might encourage your students to choose a profession.

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Teaching Guide: Daydreaming on the future / Future expectations

Author: Deisson Erney Murillo Aluma – Description: This plan provides students with useful expressions and insights to help them reflect about their future dreams and expectations. As students at this grade are concerned about their future ahead once they finish high school, it could be a good opportunity to help them to express their desires, concerns or expectations regarding their life after school.

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