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Learning Guide: Nature is life

Author: Yolanda Lozano Llanos – Description: recommendations and be aware of your obligations for the care and protection of the environment, through the topic Nature is Life presented in Way to go 7 Students book. Pages: 101 and Way to go 7 Workbook. Pages: 35-37. It starts with three language activities, which help you to improve your vocabulary. Then you have to develop three writing activities to give recommendations and responsibilities to write a final paragraph. Finally, you can choose one of the three options that you think is relevant to your performance in developing the guide.

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Learning Guide: Conservation is a Must

Author: Rosa Adriana Egas Delgado,
Pastora Alicia Unigarro Salazar,
John Miguel Rosero Alpala,
Yanneth Mercedes Guerrero Quintana – Description: This self-study guide helps you practice the uses of the modal verb must and mustn’t. The activities are related to the text that appears on the Way to Go 7 Student’s book page 113 exercise 1. You will complete a crossword to practice and review some vocabulary. Then, you will read a short text and answer some comprehension questions about it. Later, you will discover the uses of the modal verb must and mustn’t and finally, you will design a poster to invite others to preserve the water sources for a better future. I hope you enjoy each activity in this guide.

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