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Learning Guide: Ideal worlds

Author: Ferney Ríos Castro, Karen Lizeth Henao, Juan Camilo Vasquez – Description: This English self-study guide helps you practise presenting your opinions in written form. All the activities are related to the topic of ideal world presented in English Please Book 3 Module 2 Unit 1 Lesson 3. It starts with some vocabulary revision activities. After that, you have to answer some questions about the language used to write your opinions (Second conditional). Then, you have to read a short text and answer some questions in order to improve your reading skills and end up creating a poster of your ideal world.

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Teaching Guide: Let’s travel around Colombia

Author: Carmen Teresa Morales Marulanda – Description: This plan helps teachers who want to make the students become aware of the tourist places in Colombia and their most important aspects by providing them with a variety of activities that gradually take them to practice vocabulary and the uses of the modal verb “can”.

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Teaching Guide: Common preventable diseases

Author: Adriana Ojeda Alvarez – Description: This lesson plan provides a path to practice vocabulary regarding diseases in context. It also fosters vocabulary acquisition to convey meaning and understanding in the basis of task-based approach. Thus, it is useful to contextualize students based on their own real situation to achieve meaningful learning. Moreover, it gives support in terms of assessing as an ongoing process that has been grounded in formative practices.

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Teaching Guide: Health

Author: Mónica Rubiano Puentes – Description: This plan gives students the possibility to think about their routines, to analyse if the practices they do are healthy. Also, it gives to students the opportunity to learn about healthy physical routines and communicate their ideas about the topic, and for teacher it’s important to know their students’ healthy habits.
It also gives teachers the possibility to assess their students’ level. It would be useful for teachers and interesting for students in rural education contexts

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