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Learning Guide: Changing lifestyles

Author: Dexy Barros Fontalvo, Manuel García Ortíz – Description: This English self-study guide will help you practice to make suggestions in writing form to take
care of our environment. All of the activities are related to the topic of changing lifestyles
presented in the Way To Go students book 8 module 1 unit 2 lesson 2.
Pay attention what you have to do:
● It starts with some vocabulary activities.
● Then you have to read a text and answer some questions
● Read the text again and find about the languages used to make suggestions.
● After that, you’ll write sentences making suggestions to people to take care of the
● Finally you will design an information leaflet with at least three suggestions to improve
our environmental practises.
● At the end you can check your progress by putting (X) if you consider you did it very
well, quite well, or if you have to review your activities.

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