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Learning Guide: Features of the world

Author: Wilson Moreno Bustos, Viviana Andrea Sanabria – Description: In this self-study guide you will practice comparatives and superlatives, adjectives in a context
of features of the world (natural landscapes).
First, you will know some basic rules that are necessary for the correct use of this subject and
then with practical exercises you will put what you have learned into practice. Are you ready?
Let’s go!

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Learning Guide: Colombia: A natural and cultural paradise

Author: Rocio del Pilar Velasco Beltrán, Judith Cardona Gallego – Description: This English self-study guide will help you to reinforce and improve your English skills to talk
about your experiences with nature, culture and tourism. The chosen activities are related to
practicing the present perfect tense in the book English Please No. 2 Module 8. The first
activity is related to the vocabulary about tourism and nature. Then in activities 2,3 and 4 you
can improve your reading and listening skills, and finally through the fifth activity you will
share a real experience you have had with nature. The main objective of this self guide is
review and practice the present perfect tense.

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Teaching Guide: Natural places

Author: Julia Angélica Zuleta Roldán – Description: This plan gives teacher and students the opportunity to know natural places in different parts of Colombia, especially those which are closer to their homes. It is a way to encourage students to love nature, enjoy the beauty of Colombian landscapes and the importance of taking care of them. Also, students can deepen and strengthen the environmental care awareness.

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Teaching Guide: Top 10 places in Colombia

Author: Gustavo Antonio Herrera Cardona – Description: This activity plan focuses on biodiversity in Colombia through a Reading activity. This topic raises awareness about the actions we can take to protect our landscapes in the country.

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Teaching Guide: Caquetá is wonderful!

Author: Linsay Stefany Doncel Castaño – Description: This plan includes some activities that allows students to describe touristic places in Colombia through practicing abilities like reading, speaking, writing and listening. It includes a game in order to make groups of work.

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Teaching Guide: Eco-tourism

Author: Arturo Echenique – Description: This activity plan can be used for introducing vocabulary about either landscapes or eco-parks in Colombia while allowing the students to practice their productive skills.

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