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Learning Guide: This is my home!

Author: Javier Elkin Melo – Description: This self-study guide in English helps you learn vocabulary about physical characteristics and how to
describe a person. All activities are connected to the reading in Way to Go Student Book 6 page 33. You
are going to start with some vocabulary activities. Then, you have to read the text and work on some
activities about it. Then, you will discover how to use the verb “HAVE” for descriptions. Finally, you will
design your won description and you will also describe your best friend.

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Learning Guide: Let’s describe people!

Author: Kely Alejandra Roa Plaza
Ana Lucía Trujillo Parra
Yon Fredy Espinoza Garzon – Description: Hello dear student, in this guide you will learn common adjectives, parts of the body and you can practice
the verb to have and to be. You will learn to describe everyday people, through simple phrases and
sentences. Finally, you will write a description about some friends at school.

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Learning Guide: My body is an amazing machine

Author: Jorge Reyes – Description: This self-study guide helps you to practice the vocabulary about “the body” in written and oral form. All
the activities are related to the topic “My body is an Amazing Machine”, presented in Way to Go 6
Module 1 Unit 1 lesson 1. It starts with some vocabulary revision activities. Then, you have to answer
some questions based on a reading and the language awareness and it ends up with speaking and
writing activities.

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