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Learning Guide: Food and drinks

Author: Alejandra Angulo, William Erney Villota, Jarlinton Benedo Torres – Description: This English Self-Study Guide will help you to practise some vocabulary about food in English. Also, you will practice, expressing likes and dislikes. You can find the activities in “English Please 9°” book, Module 3, unit 1, lesson 2. There is vocabulary about food’s classification.

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Author: ADRIANA ISABEL MENESES GUALDRON – Description: This plan gives the students a chance to express what they like and dislike eating. It is a good opportunity to have students talk about one of their favourite topics. This plan can also give ideas for schools’ projects about promoting healthy eating habits.

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Teaching Guide: Let’s eat better!

Author: Erika Lorena De la Cruz Burbano – Description: This plan is a way to get students to use the language in a very hands-on strategy. The idea is to provide a fun and engaging task for students to acquire vocabulary and use it in a meaningful way

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