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Teaching Guide: Different cultures, Different traditions

Author: Lizeth Catalina Murillo Urrego – Description: This plan gives students the chance to approach to other cultures from an intercultural perspective while developing their ability to recognize, accept and respect others. In addition, students will have the opportunity to express their personal opinion by observing different examples of structures and by using uncommon adjectives in order to expand their vocabulary. In the same way, they will have the possibility of establishing relationships of difference and similarity taking into account their own context.

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Teaching Guide: Healthy food menu

Author: Olga Yaneth Parra Ramírez – Description: This plan gives the students a chance to know about healthy food and make choices regarding the food they want to eat to be healthy. They can also use their creativity and language skills to design and present a healthy menu to the class.

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Teaching Guide: Fast fashion: Clothing and accessories around us.

Author: Carol Patricia Valenzuela Quintero – Description: This lesson plan attempts to help Colombian teachers that explore an easy way to integrate contents of the suggested curriculum and use “English Please book series” as a teaching material for 10th graders. This plan also addresses some tips to create a dynamic classroom environment where teachers’ instructions are more explicit and provide opportunities to lead students’ progress through communicative activities and types of assessments where teachers from their students` particularities may teach a world topic and develop English language skills.

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