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Learning Guide: Enjoy your free time!

Author: Paulo César Guerrero Pabón, Deicy Mercedes Eraso Burbano, María Fernanda Insuasty – Description: This self-study guide helps you practise the different English language skills and competences. The tasks start with a practice related to vocabulary about free time activities, consequently frequency expressions are reviewed. After that, you will read a short text and answer different types of comprehension questions. Finally, you will review and practice the present simple and the gerund form (-ing) for some verbs through a writing task.

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Teaching Guide: Food-drinks and desserts

Author: José Noé Bohórquez Puentes – Description: This plan is about food, drinks and desserts. It is very appropriate for the seventh grade, because it gives students an important volume of vocabulary that allows them to share information about the typical dishes of the region, drinks and desserts; In this way, we find it practical for students to share from their real context.

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Teaching Guide: Vacation activities

Author: Marcela Monterrosa Romero – Description: This task plan gives the students a chance to talk about how they feel about vacation activities as well as their likes,
dislikes and preferences in their daily lives. It also gives you a valuable opportunity to assess your students´ level,
strengths and weaknesses during the teaching and learning process, using two different types of CATs (Classroom
assessment techniques)

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Teaching Guide: Healthy/unhealthy

Author: Beatriz Adriana Alvarado Figueredo – Description: This plan gives teachers a chance to energize the class. The students have a great opportunity to enjoy the English class and learn the topic in a different way by including the four skills.

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