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Learning Guide: Free-time activities

Author: Leidy Yesenia Rodríguez, Heimy Elaine Lemos, Ruth Angélica Peñaloza – Description: This learning guide will help you to give personal information about free-time activities as well
as express likes and talk about hobbies and interests. With this guide it will be easier for you to
learn vocabulary that will be useful in your daily life. It starts with some vocabulary revision
exercises, in which you must write the word that corresponds to each picture, match objects
with the correct free-time activities and complete a text. Then, you have to answer some
questions about a text given. And finally you will practice your writing skill by creating a poster,
with a proposal to invite people to join a free-time activity club.
The activities in this guide are related to the topic of free time activities presented in the Way
To Go Student Book 7 module 1 unit 1 lesson 1.

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Learning Guide: Sports and hobbies

Author: Elizabeth Moreno García. Paola Azucena Rojas Muriel, Sandra Patricia Agudelo Acero – Description: This English self-study guide helps you express your likes and dislikes about sports and hobbies in a written form. The activities are related to the topic “That’s interesting to me” presented in Way to Go Student Book 6 Module 2 Unit 2 Lesson 1. It includes vocabulary on sports and hobbies and expressions to give reasons about your likes and dislikes. You are going to have examples about people’s interests and, finally, you are invited to think and write about your own interests. Enjoy expressing what you like the most.

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Teaching Guide: Enjoy your free time

Author: Nubia Johanna Florez Monroy – Description: This activity plan gives teachers a chance to know about children’s free time activities and it also gives you a valuable opportunity to assess your students’ level. It can also be a useful and productive class because you can have your students practicing their speaking skills through an interview.

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