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Learning Guide: My daily routine

Author: Paula Andrea Delgado Polo , Lina Constanza López Arenas, Gildardo Lasso Bañol – Description: This English self- study guide helps you to practise the present tense, all the activities are related to the topic MY DAILY ROUTINE which activities are presented in Way to Go Student’s Book 6. Module 2, unit 3, lesson 1, page 70. First you have to reorder some daily activities, then classify them in what part of the day those activities are done, also you are going to read and correct some sentences, answer true or false in a chart and finally write your own routine.

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Learning Guide: From Day to Day

Author: Janeth Lago Romo, Ana Cecilia Moreno, Campo Hugo Barrera – Description: This self-study guide will help you to practice vocabulary about time, actions, frequency adverbs, and other expressions. Also, you will describe and write about activities you do every day and enjoy doing a role play and a report about partner’s routine. Besides, you will check the progress with the App Be (the)1:Challenge. Finally, you will assess all your job.

These activities are related to the Book “English Please” 9, Fast track 1, Module 3. Now! Enjoy it learning English!

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Teaching Guide: Healthy daily habits

Author: Mary Rusell Melo – Description: This activity plan helps to consolidate the topic of routines, interests and hobbies. It gives students the opportunity to be aware of writing coherent sentence expressing their present lives.

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Author: Rosa Alicia Garzón Montenegro – Description: This plan is ideal to recycle vocabulary that has already been covered in a previous class. The idea is to help students consolidate language at the end of the unit in a fun and engaging way.

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