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Learning Guide: The biggest cities

Author: Samia Arrieta, Victor Guerra, Jhon Moreno – Description: This self-study guide will help you to introduce, learn, describe and practise the adjective and their form
as a superlative. The activities will strengthen your writing skills doing some simple exercises in which
you have to focus, do a good job, improve your vocabulary, and at the same time, work on reading as a
You will complete the following activities taking into account the following explanation: ACTIVITY 1:
Identify the vocabulary that will be worked about adjective and superlative form. It is divided in two (2)
exercises. ACTIVITY 2: Reading comprehension and answering questions (two exercises). ACTIVITY 3:
using superlative form and choosing the best option by contextualized sentences. ACTIVITY 4: analyze a
chart and write an e-mail to your friends or parents, ACTIVITY 5: answer some questions as a
self-assessment with parent’s help.
We are going to use the English student book: “Way to Go 7” (Student’s book page 141 Exercise 3)
(you can download it clicking on the next link:
For those students that don’t have connectivity, we will add the pages we are suggesting at the end of
this guide.

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