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Learning Guide: Another day

Author: Didnory Aguirre – Description: This English self-study guide helps you practice understanding about daily routine in a written
form. All the activities are related to the topic of another day presented in Way to Go Student
Book 6 Module 1 Unit 2 Lesson 1. It starts with some vocabulary revision activities. Then, you
have to answer some questions about the way sentences in English are constructed and end
up reading a paragraph of a person who tells you his/her personal daily routine and there are
some multiple choice questions you have to answer base on the text.

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Teaching Guide: Places of the city

Author: Giovanni Alfonso Mendoza Gonzalez from Barranquilla
Description: This plan helps students to recognize and talk about some places in the city by naming and describing them. Students will develop some fun activities to practice this topic. This plan is also useful if you ever find yourself clueless about how to introduce and practice this topic with your class.

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Teaching Guide: Habitual Actions/Daily Routine

Author: Marcos Lay Urrea Galeano from Quindío

Description: This plan will help you have the chance to reinforce your Ss knowledge about a very common topic: “daily life actions”. The teacher who wants to use this lesson plan has to take into account that this lesson plan has to be done at the end of the period because it is designed to review the present simple, the adverbs of frequency and the time.

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