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Learning Guide: Behaviours

Author: Karol Gómez – Description: This English self-study guide helps you to recognize Should as a modal verb used to give advice, practice
some verbs and adjectives. You can find information related to this topic in Way to Go, Students’ Book 7,
Module 2, Unit 3, page 70-71.

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Learning Guide: Saying No! to bullying

Author: Natalia Cardozo Durán/ Natalia Méndez Lugo – Description: This English self-study guide helps you learn vocabulary related to bullying and types of bullying. Additionally, this guide helps you give suggestions to people experiencing bullying. The activities in this guide are connected to the reading in Way to Go Student Book 7 Module 2 Unit 3 (page 76). It starts with some vocabulary activities. Then, you must read a text and do some activities about it; then, you will discover how to give suggestions. Finally, you will make an informative flyer giving some suggestions to those experiencing bullying. That flyer will be shared with your teacher and classmates.

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Learning Guide: Amazing places to discover!

Author: Jairzhinio Bautista Sanchez, Ana Milena Rojas Silva, Diego Fernando Salazar Méndez – Description: Dear students, This English Learning Guide is designed to learn comparatives and superlatives related to the characteristics of places. All the activities are found in module 4, unit 1, lesson 1: Let’s see the World, which is on pages 130-132 from Way to Go 7th, Student’s Book.
Activity 1. Find the definitions of the adjectives presented. Activity 2. Write and associate the names of the places with the images. Activity 3. Answer the questions about your preferences of places.

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