Teaching Guide: A Place for Everything

Yelithza Cedeño Salcedo

This task plan gives the students a chance to have self-efficacy when doing a specific task whose main purpose is to make students be able to create reusable or recyclable things for environmental conservation in the community. It has a warm up which helps students to predict what the topic is by playing a nice game. The pre-task is made up of a short reading which objective is to clarify the difference of the three Rs, which is also supported with a video-listening exercise and a unscramble game that emphasise on the use of modal should to give recommendations and suggestions for preserving our environment. The while-task consists on a collaborative work in which students have to decide how to create a reusable or recyclable thing together by using some follow up questions. This will give them the chance of learning by doing. The Post-task consists on the presentation of each collaborative group to the whole group. All these activities are centred on students.

Learning objective(s):