Learning Guide: What is a Model Citizen?

Betsaida Hernández Rojas

This English self-study guide helps you to learn vocabulary about the good deeds citizens perform. Also, it helps you to know how to talk about your experiences as a good citizen. These activities are in the Way to go student´s book in module 3, unit 2 lesson 1 on page 102. To start, you have two activities related to the useful vocabulary for this self-study guide. Then you are going to do a listening for specific information exercise. Then there are some examples and activities that will help you to learn about present perfect tense use and form. To finish you must do a presentation talking about your experiences as a good Colombian citizen, elaborate a poster to illustrate your presentation and record it through a video to send it to your teacher.

Learning objective(s):
● To use verbs related to helping others ● To listen for specific information ● To talk about past and present experiences. ● To give a short presentation talking about how he/she has been a model Colombian citizen