Learning Guide: The biggest cities

Samia Arrieta, Victor Guerra, Jhon Moreno

This self-study guide will help you to introduce, learn, describe and practise the adjective and their form as a superlative. The activities will strengthen your writing skills doing some simple exercises in which you have to focus, do a good job, improve your vocabulary, and at the same time, work on reading as a subskill. You will complete the following activities taking into account the following explanation: ACTIVITY 1: Identify the vocabulary that will be worked about adjective and superlative form. It is divided in two (2) exercises. ACTIVITY 2: Reading comprehension and answering questions (two exercises). ACTIVITY 3: using superlative form and choosing the best option by contextualized sentences. ACTIVITY 4: analyze a chart and write an e-mail to your friends or parents, ACTIVITY 5: answer some questions as a self-assessment with parent’s help. We are going to use the English student book: “Way to Go 7” (Student’s book page 141 Exercise 3) (you can download it clicking on the next link: https://aprende.colombiaaprende.edu.co/es/node/94010). For those students that don't have connectivity, we will add the pages we are suggesting at the end of this guide.

Learning objective(s):
To identify the superlative form of adjective in a text. To compare the different spelling of an adjective in superlative form. To complete sentences using the superlatives learnt. To produce a short descriptive text to compare places in writing.