Learning Guide: Spending time well

John Jorge Ortega, Liceth Karine Oyola, Martha Milena Rodelo

This English self-study guide helps you practice to describe how to spend time well in written form. All the activities are related to the topic of spending time well presented in English Please 2 Student Book Module 1 Lesson 7. It starts with some vocabulary revision activities. Then, you have to make some reading activity to comprehend some knowledge about Scouting. After that, you have to do some listening activities and answer some questions about the language used to talk about real possibilities. You will end up making a brochure to show that you can talk about real possibilities in a camping trip.

Learning objective(s):
To practice vocabulary related to useful equipment for camping. To infer the main idea of each paragraph in a text about camping. To describe situations that are always true, using the zero conditional.