Learning Guide: Saving water

Norbelly González Plaza Janett Guzmán Cortés Aranza Cathalina Laiseca Campos

This English self-study guide helps you reinforce vocabulary related to saving water and how to use imperatives to give instructions and suggestions through the reading, writing and speaking skills. You will find 5 main activities: -Activity 1 Vocabulary: Fill in the blanks with the words and phrases given -Activity 2 Language awareness: Identify and write down statements instructing someone to do and Not to do something in order to protect natural resources. -Activity 3 Reading: Match the words with the pictures and then read the text and answer some questions. Finally, identify problems, reasons and green solutions by classifying phrases in the corresponding column. -Activity 4 Writing: Use imperatives to write at least four ideas about saving water and make a poster with them. -Activity 5: Record a video where you present your poster about tips for saving water. Once you have finished, do not forget to assess your performance in the self-assessment section.

Learning objective(s):
● To identify literal and inferential information in a text. ● To give instructions and suggestions about saving water.● To raise awareness about using water properly.