Learning Guide: Our Natural Environment

Nasser Osvaldo Aguas, Marco Antonio Gomez, Silvia Maria Vital

Dear student, welcome to this new self -study guide where you’ll improve your communication skills in English. Here you’ll find a new vocabulary related to our natural environment, such as, landforms, landscapes, animal species and so on. After that, you will do some activities like building sentences, using the previous vocabulary and the new grammar topic: The present perfect tense. Additionally, you have to read a text about Colombia and work on some activities about it and you will practice some abilities like reading, writing and speaking. As your teacher, I hope you enjoy this new adventure in the magical world of English.

Learning objective(s):
To learn about eco-travel in Colombia and the importance of our landscapes. To study how our country is a valued destination for visitors. Identifies relations of contrast and addition in medium length written texts on topics related to the natural environment. Produces medium length descriptive and written texts on topics related to the environment. Describes orally situations related to topics of his/her interest.