Learning Guide: My daily routine

Jhon Miguel Rosero, Pastora Alicia Unigarro, Yanneth Mercedes Guerrero

This English self-study guide helps you to describe your daily activities in written form. All the activities are related to the Way to Go Student’s Book 6 Module 1 Unit 2 Lesson 1. It starts with a video and a practice about vocabulary related to daily activities you do every day. Then, there is a survey to answer about your daily routine. After that, you have to answer some questions about the language used to write sentences for describing daily routines; then you are asked to read and complete a short text about a daily routine; and it ends up asking you to write your own daily routine.

Learning objective(s):
● To identify vocabulary related to daily routines. ● To recognize the verb form in the present simple. ● To describe briefly a daily routine through a short paragraph.