Learning Guide: My Country’s Cities

Teresita Hurtado Osorio, Edgar Fernando Riascos

This English self-study guide helps you write about remarkable characteristics of landmarks using superlatives. All the activities are related to the topic of The World presented in Way to Go Student Book 7 Module 4 Unit 1 Lesson 1. It starts with some vocabulary revision activities. Then, you will listen to a recording and will recognize some places people talk about. Then, you will listen to more details to fill in some gaps. Right after you will notice, focus and practice a grammar aspect you need in the final task which consists of writing a paragraph about the best characteristics of town or city.

Learning objective(s):
To practise vocabulary to describe places and landscapes. To highlight the characteristics of places or cities. To read about a foreign country to highlight its characteristics. To answer some questions related to the previous reading using superlatives.