Learning Guide: How do you spend your free time?

Yasmín del Rocío Armero Cabrera, Johanny Katherine Quiroz Rosero, Rocío Chalapud Velasco, Román Rodrigo Bolaños Carlosama

Welcome dear student! This English guide helps you to practice how to talk about free time activities using the simple present and the auxiliary verb do and does. You will find some activities to review vocabulary, a short reading and some comprehension questions about it. Also, you will answer some simple questions to discover the uses of the simple present and finally, you will make a short interview to a family member and report his/her answers in a short paragraph following the model given.

Learning objective(s):
 To talk about free time activities using the present simple tense.  To ask and answer in a short way using the auxiliaries Do and Does.  To review vocabulary about free time activities.  To write a short paragraph about free time activities.