Learning Guide: Healthy food choices

Ana Zoraida Ballesteros

This English self-study guide will help you practice vocabulary about Healthy Food (food, cooking, methods and nutrients). These activities are related to the book: Way to go 8th (Module 2 - Unit 2 - Lesson 1). It presents vocabulary and structures in Present Simple and Imperative to describe aspects related to Healthy Food Choices. First, you discover and recognize words about different dishes, then you will practice reading comprehension in some nutrition advice relate to the five food groups and other exercises related to nutrition and eating habits. Next, you will research about some different foods and their nutritional sources. Also, you will write a short text about the topic; you will find an activity related to an exercise where you can practice your pronunciation and finally you will ask a classmate some questions about nutrition. Are you ready? Let’s go!!

Learning objective(s):
To use vocabulary about eating habits in a real context. To Identify specific details in a text. To give information about the ingredients of a dish and its nutritional value.