Learning Guide: Having a good life

Guillermo Javier Enríquez León, Diana Yazmín Arboleda Piedrahita, Víctor Ernesto Yepez Araujo, Mary Luz Muñoz Cárdenas

This English self-study guide helps you practice vocabulary about good and/or bad habits to care for your health. All the activities are connected to the reading in Way to Go Student’s Book 6, page 26, exercise 1. It starts with a vocabulary activity. Then, you will to listen and read a text and work on some activities about it; then you will discover how to express frequency through some concept questions. Later, you will design a poster about your good and bad habits, and finally you will present it in a short video to share it with your teacher and classmates

Learning objective(s):
 To review vocabulary about good and bad habits to care for health.  To describe the frequency of activities using adverbs of frequency.  To describe and show differences between good and bad habits in a poster.  To record a short video practicing adverbs of frequency and the vocabulary.