Learning Guide: Food and fruits

Laura Rosso, Tania Maria Camargo, Doris Helena Bravo

This English self-study guide helps you to practice giving clear instructions in a written form all the activities are related to the topic food, fruits, countable and uncountable nouns found in English please book 9, page 87 exercise 6, page 98 exercise and on the website https://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/skills/reading/elementary-a2-reading/restaurant-menu. In this guide you will have to look for words into a word search and related vocabulary with pictures, classify food and fruits taking countable and uncountable nouns, change from uncountable and uncountable nouns taking into account the recipient in which food is packed. Besides, read a discontinued text and answer questions from it. Finally, write in English what is your daily menu during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Learning objective(s):
To reinforce the vocabulary related to foods and fruits. To classify countable and uncountable nouns through the use of food and fruit vocabulary.