Learning Guide: Feelings and emotions

Claudia Rojas, María Herrera, Alejandra Marín

This English self-study guide will help you to learn vocabulary about feelings and emotions and how to use it in different communicative situations. These activities are related to the book "Way to Go 7, Module 2, Unit 1, Lesson 1 (pages 50 and 51). The first part is about vocabulary related to feelings and emotions. After that, you must do a short reading exercise where you complete some tasks according to the reading. Finally, you have a speaking exercise where you put in practice what you learnt by asking some questions to a friend or family member about how they feel in some situations. Then, you have to record yourself doing a short presentation about your friend or family member's feelings. Don’t forget to complete your self-assessment task.

Learning objective(s):
To use and match vocabulary related to feelings and emotions in real situations. To identify literal information in a text. To ask for information about feelings and emotions from his/her family members. To identify the use and function of simple present in context.