Learning Guide: Eco Friendly world

Gloria Catalina Ortiz Ortiz, Natali Ortiz,Gloria Eugenia González

This self-study guide helps you review vocabulary about flora and fauna and learn to use comparative and superlative adjectives. All the activities are related to English, Please! 9 Student Book, module 4 unit 1 (pages 124-126). Activities 1 and 2 are about vocabulary. The next activity is a reading and then developing a true/false exercise. In the language awareness you will notice the grammar rules for comparatives and superlatives and the useful language box to reinforce the information. Finally is your production time, create a collage about two ecoparks, write a description using adjectives and share your job through WhatsApp with your classmates and teacher.

Learning objective(s):
To express opinions or give information using comparative and superlative adjectives. To read a text and look for specific information. To write a short composition about a colombian ecopark.