Learning Guide: Docentes de inglés de básica y media

Evelyn Perdomo, Ibeth Jaramillo, Miriam Sánchez Rubio, Patricio Puentes.

This self-study guide allows you to practice vocabulary about different types of weather and clothing. The activities you'll find here are based on the book Way to Go! 7th Grade, Module 4, Unit 1, page 134. The guide starts with a classification chart to help you remember some vocabulary, then continues with a reading exercise in which you will recognize sentences in the present progressive. After that, you will demonstrate your understanding of the reading by completing different activities. Finally, you will make a written production where you apply what you have learned about the subject and the vocabulary of this class. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Learning objective(s):
● To identify the use, meaning and form of the present progressive tense. ● To express what people are doing at the moment in a place. ● To recognise vocabulary related to weather and clothing.