Learning Guide: Daily Routines

Myriam Yaneth Parra Accevedo, Yineth Alejandra Hernández Mateus, Juan Pablo Rodríguez.

This English self-study guide helps you practise how to describe someone’s daily routine. All the activities are fairly related to the topic of daily routines presented in Way to Go Student Book 6 Module 1 Pages 20-21. It starts with some vocabulary revision activities. Then, you will have to listen to a recording and tick the information you hear. The following exercise is based on the analysis and practice of a specific grammar point, where you will need to complete, select, and write certain information. After that, you will have time to do some activities to practice your pronunciation. Finally, there is a meaningful speaking task that will have you talk about a family member’s daily routine using the language and vocabulary learned.

Learning objective(s):
● Identify and use activities for daily routines. ● Elicit specific information from an oral text about habits. ● Use the present simple to talk about a family member’s daily routine.