Learning Guide: Cooking Methods

Milena Patricia Parra, Stiwar Yeferson Mena, Gloria Rubide Cabrera

This English self-study guide will help you to learn about cooking methods, taking into account your general grammar of the simple present for working on reading, listening, writing and speaking skills when following instructions. These activities are related to the theme of cooking methods, recipes, and ingredients found on pages 65-67 in the “Way to Go Student’s book 2 Module Unit 2 lesson 2 and 3”. This begins with a vocabulary revision activity and some opinion questions about the topic. Next, you must do a matching activity. Then, read the two girls’ dialogue about empanada and write the description of your favorite traditional food, and also take a photo of it. Later, answer the two questions and listen to the nutritionist Lorie (track 30), take notes of the quantities, and number the photos in the correct order. Finally, think about a recipe for a healthy snack; make a list of the ingredients with the correct quantity, write the instructions to make the snack, and create some pictures for the instructions. Then, record a video explaining step by step your recipe and send the video through WhatsApp to your teacher. Lastly, solve the exercises 1, 2, and 3 on the Workbook, Page 2,2 and do the self-assessment.

Learning objective(s):
To identify vocabulary related to recipes and its nutrients in written and oral texts. To identify the vocabulary for recipes and use it in daily situations. To create along with the family a recipe.