Learning Guide: Activities to keep fit

Kevin Alexis Ordoñez Ortega

This English self-study guide helps you practise reading, listening and writing skills. All the activities are related to the topic of dances around the globe presented in the English Please Student’s Book 1 Module 2 Unit 2 Lesson 4. It starts with some vocabulary revision activities. Then, you have to answer some literal and inferential questions. After that, you have to listen to an audio in order to answer some questions; then you have to analyze some grammar aspects and finally, you will write some steps to dance a rhythm that you like using sequential linking words.

Learning objective(s):
 To identify new vocabulary about dances and keeping fit.  To recognize the use of graphic organisers to build vocabulary.  To discover the correct uses of sequential linking words in context.  To describe in a short written piece how to keep fit.