Teaching Guide: Feelings and emotions


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Author: Beatriz Lorena Arango González from Armenia

Description: This plan is aimed at helping Ss deal with one of the most important components of human development, which is the social-emotional competence. In a didactic way, it helps Ss know how to express their feelings, emotions or preferences in English in any real-life situational context. It also gives them a sense that English is not an isolated subject at school but through music and emojis, which are Realia (authentic material from the context). They will realize that they may find a real situation, out of the classroom, in which they can be able to interact with the language and understand the meaningful purpose this subject has for them. It is communication! That is why I consider this plan may be implemented throughout different school years. It is not narrowed down to a specific audience.

Learning Objective(s): By the end of this lesson, students will be able to use words, expressions, and structures related to handling feelings, emotions, and preferences.

Source: Public School Teacher