Learning Guide: What is the best urban culture?


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Author: Oscar Mauricio Quintero Garaviz from Huila

This English self-study guide will give you information about urban tribes along society, their similarities and the differences among them. It will also let you know the vocabulary and some of the customs urban tribes have. These activities are connected to English Please Book (Module 1, unit 1, lesson 2). It starts by revising the meaning of an urban tribe and a picture matching of some of the most popular urban tribes in our society today. Then you have to read a paragraph related to the similarities and differences among metalheads and hippies in order to compare your customs and habits with this specific group. Y will finish this activity by writing a paragraph using the sentences you make on the previous exercise, that paragraph will have 100 words at least.
Learning Objective(s):

● To recognize vocabulary related to urban tribes and relate them to situations where they can use it
● To read comparative and superlative sentences
● To practice comparative and superlative grammar structures
● To write a text making comparisons

Source: Public School Teacher