Learning Guide: Nutrition and Health


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Author: Maryi Lorena Monje Araujo, Maria Alesksandra Muñoz Lozano from Huila

Description: This English self-study guide helps you to practice vocabulary to describe typical food and cooking methods. In addition, you can reinforce listening, writing, and speaking skills and pragmatic competence. These activities are taken from “Way to go Student book 3” Module 2-unit 2 lesson 1. It starts with four revision vocabulary activities about food vocabulary and cooking methods from three different countries. In the first activity, you will match the vocabulary with the picture. In the second exercise, you will unscramble the words. In the last exercise, you will match the word with the correct definition. Then, you have to put in order the dishes according to track 27. Then, you should use the vocabulary from exercise 2 and write the names of the countries in the correct flag. After that, you have to listen to a conversation and complete the sentences with the words given. To finish, you have to write a short description about the ingredients of Huila typical food “Tamal” in your notebooks. Finally, you should make a recording or video about Huilan typical food “Tamal” using WhatsApp or cellphones. When you finish the activity, you will send me pictures of the activities and the audio or video. If you have questions, please write me a message or call me.

Learning Objective(s):

● To recognize vocabulary about typical food and cooking methods.


Source: Public School Teacher