Learning Guide: Motivating Others


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Author: María Elena Erazo, Aura María Palacio and César Augusto Meléndez from Putumayo

This English self-study guide helps you learn vocabulary about people who motivate others to get involved in the achievement of a particular task. The activities are based on the book Way to go 6, Module 2, unit 2, Lesson 2, exercise 4-7(annex 1-2).
The guide starts with a crossword puzzle about profession or jobs, then continues with a writing, listening, reading and speaking exercises, which motivate other people in a particular task. After, you make a video and send what`s app group and finally you will read the information of the guide and will demonstrate your understanding about of topic.

Learning Objective(s):
● To ask and answer questions about what people are doing.
● To make sentences to describe the things people are doing.
● To make a video about a person who motivates others in a particular task

Source: Public School Teacher