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Teaching Guide: Protect the earth

Author: Nancy Yohana Alvarez Montiel – Description: This lesson plan gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself in the teaching role in a more creative way, by showing your students another facet of you and to make classes more interactive and fun by allowing students achieve to get better results in classes. It can also be a useful class if you need to make a short class.

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Teaching Guide: Landscapes

Author: Diego Luis Sandoval Bayona – Description: This lesson plan has been designed for seventh grade students who have A1 level and come from an urban area in Venezuela. The English language of this group is poor because for many of them it is the first formal contact with a foreign language in a classroom.

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Teaching Guide: Beautiful landscapes

Author: Willy Reyes – Description: This plan is intended to be used as a vocabulary building activity through a task. For students to be able to perform well in this task, they should have already practiced using comparatives.

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