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Teaching Guide: Daily routines

Author: Cristian Jahir Méndez Castro – Description: This plan is designed to help students acquire vocabulary through listening. The activity is developed step by step to allow students to listen for more detailed information as they go through the activities. Even though it is designed for eighth grade, my students are only developing level A1, that is why I am using the sixth-grade content from the suggested curriculum.

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Author: Rosa Alicia Garzón Montenegro – Description: This plan is ideal to recycle vocabulary that has already been covered in a previous class. The idea is to help students consolidate language at the end of the unit in a fun and engaging way.

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Teaching Guide: daily routines

Author: Mónica Elizabeth Ortiz – Description: This plan is easy to adapt and requires very little materials and preparation. It is a great plan to practice language already taught and a way to engage students in hands on activities.

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Teaching Guide: Teenagers

Author: Walter Dominguez – Description: This plan lets students know more about you, not as a teacher but as a person, and it also gives the opportunity to check students understanding and know what they do at their homes. It’s one of the biggest opportunities to know your students better, even if you are substituting another teacher or it’s your first class with that course.

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