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Teaching Guide: Construction of Citizenship

Author: Julián Andrés Rodríguez Castro – Description: This activity plan gives teachers and students a chance to find out information about describing physically people around the Ss. It also gives the opportunity to assess rural students level through different strategies to develop some skills. It can also be useful and productive class if T share with their Ss

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Teaching Guide: Environment

Author: Maria Alejandra Cabrera Tovar – Description: This lesson plan gives the students a chance to recognize themselves as a part of the nature or ecosystem, and it also provides the opportunity to identify or explore nature around the community, with their friends and family members.

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Teaching Guide: A Place for Everything

Author: Yelithza Cedeño Salcedo – Description: This task plan gives the students a chance to have self-efficacy when doing a specific task whose main purpose is to make students be able to create reusable or recyclable things for environmental conservation in the community. It has a warm up which helps students to predict what the topic is by playing a nice game. The pre-task is made up of a short reading which objective is to clarify the difference of the three Rs, which is also supported with a video-listening exercise and a unscramble game that emphasise on the use of modal should to give recommendations and suggestions for preserving our environment. The while-task consists on a collaborative work in which students have to decide how to create a reusable or recyclable thing together by using some follow up questions. This will give them the chance of learning by doing. The Post-task consists on the presentation of each collaborative group to the whole group. All these activities are centred on students.

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Teaching Guide: Democracy

Author: Mary Cielo Ossa Antury – Description: This plan is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge, experience, discipline, creativity when each teacher prepares a new class. Here you must know than all teachers are different and according the place socio-cultural, you do a plan to your students and in it you can use methodology and strategies to motivate your teaching learning. We know that the level is very important; when you look for material for the activities. This lesson plan would help the rural English Teachers for improving the students level

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Teaching Guide: Health

Author: Mónica Rubiano Puentes – Description: This plan gives students the possibility to think about their routines, to analyse if the practices they do are healthy. Also, it gives to students the opportunity to learn about healthy physical routines and communicate their ideas about the topic, and for teacher it’s important to know their students’ healthy habits.
It also gives teachers the possibility to assess their students’ level. It would be useful for teachers and interesting for students in rural education contexts

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Teaching Guide: Family Life

Author: Norma Constanza Silva Cubillos – Description: This plan is useful because it has been designed as a guide that shows step-by-step significant activities that allow students to acquire easy, fun, interesting, motivating and contextualized learnings. It has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the Suggested Curriculum Structure and Basic Learning Rights. The purpose is that Colombian teachers can find a model that allows them to improve the preparation and presentation of their classes.

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