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Teaching Guide: Traditional celebrations

Author: Claudia Rocio Castro Jaimes – Description: This lesson plan gives the students the opportunity to express their ideas about their own cultural traditions, presenting a celebration they like at home. Students can improve their listening and speaking skills along with social skills, related to team work and decision making.

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Teaching Guide: Natural parks in Colombia

Author: Luz Marina Cipagauta Siabato – Description: This lesson plan gives the students the opportunity to look for new information related to natural parks in Colombia and present it by means of a role play. It is good that students can practice asking and answering questions as this simulates a real life situation. This fosters students’ communicative skills.

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Teaching Guide: Sport and hobbies

Author: Vilma Cancimancy – Description: This activity plan gives the students an opportunity to make a presentation about likes and hobbies, and to exchange information in an easy way. This activity challenges students to speak in another language in a stress-free environment.

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Teaching Guide: Talking about my daily routine

Author: Claudia Marcela Gonzalez Vargas – Description: This lesson plan gives teachers the opportunity to have the students practice the present simple tense through different practical activities that motivate sixth graders to talk about their daily routine. Also, this task plan implements different assessment techniques that help teachers to verify the students’ progress at each stage of the class.

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Teaching Guide: Knowing my body from head to toe

Author: Lorena Bula Vásquez – Description: This lesson plan has been designed following the Suggested English Curriculum. It will give any teacher an easy tool to teach his/her students a useful topic through interesting strategies that will help them in the acquisition of the second Language and the development of their language skills.

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Teaching Guide: Daily Activities

Author: Luz Mila Puentes Camargo – Description: This lesson plan gives Ss the opportunity to talk about other people’s daily activities, and it gives them the chance to assess themselves on the use of the language. It can also be a useful and productive lesson to stimulate students’ production.

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Teaching Guide: Identifying classroom objects

Author: Leonel Andres Granada Gordillo from Quindío

Description: This Activity plan is very useful if you as a teacher want to improve your Students’ ability to name classroom objects. By the end of this lesson, students will be able to name classroom objects.

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