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Teaching Guide: Environment

Author: Jorge Eliecer Cardona Cardona – Description: This plan provides students a chance to know about reading strategies such as SCANNING and its usefulness in increasing reading skill levels. It can also be a good way to assess students´ level of reading comprehension. In addition, it is a good chance to apply some of Classroom Assessment Techniques learnt throughout the Inspiring Teachers workshop and check their effectiveness in empowering teacher´s lesson planning.

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Teaching Guide: Giving advices to live a healthy

Author: Yullys del Carmen Alvarino Ochoa – Description: This lesson plan helps students to think about different real life situations they have to deal with. And at the same time gives them the opportunity to use the modal verb “should / shouldn´t” for giving advices or recommendations. Also, it presents a wide variety of activities and assessments which result valuable for teachers and students alike. The most of the activities were taken from EP! Student Book Fast Track 11grade.

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