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Teaching Guide: Class president

Author: Johan Salvador Pimiento Rivera – Description: This lesson plan can be very useful for teachers who wish to work values ​​and personal qualities with students. In addition, to encourage the sense of democracy in the students through the election of the best proposals given by the candidates in class.

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Teaching Guide: Ideal leaders

Author: Amparo Suarez Barrera – Description: This plan is intended to give context and meaning to language to describe personality traits and use the modal verb should. Ss will discuss and decide what characteristics a class president should hold. The idea is to also make students aware of their responsibility as citizens.

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Teaching Guide: Bullying

Author: Leonor Diaz Laverde – Description: This plan allows students to think about bullying and the way can face it, giving suggestions and making recommendations.

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Teaching Guide: personality

Author: Sonia del Socorro Jácome Estrada – Description: This lesson plan gives students the opportunity to develop speaking and listening skills and practice describing people’s personality by using the verb To Be in the present and past. And for the teacher it provides a valuable opportunity to assess the level of understanding of their students.

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