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Teaching Guide: Places of the neighbourhood

Author: Juan Carlos Sierra Villarraga – Description: This lesson plan provides students with the chance to talk about places of the neighbourhood and its corresponding location. Even though students are encouraged to develop the four skills, they need to pay special attention to a conversation in order to locate places and they are expected to describe their neighbourhood by creating a model scale made with disposable material. This lesson plan also gives students the opportunity to assess their peers and self-assess their own learning process.

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Teaching Guide: Location

Author: Sandra Milena Lozano – Description: This lesson plan shows the previous work or introduction in a topic that includes prepositions in my neighbourhood, town, city or place where the students live.

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Teaching Guide: Value of Local Cultures

Author: Liliana Patricia Gomez Briceño – Description: This plan gives students the opportunity to learn about basic math vocabulary and some prepositions of place. It also gives you a useful tool to assess your students by implementing self-assessment and peer- assessment. Moreover this project plan is a nice option to apply the interdisciplinary knowledge between Math and English to sixth graders. In addition, in here you will find how CAT strategies are used as well as and some suggestions to teach English outdoors.

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