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Learning Guide: Being a good citizen

Author: Astrid Elena Valencia Arrubla – Description: This English self-study guide helps you learn vocabulary about phrasal verbs; moreover, you will be able to give your opinion about what being a good citizen means. All the activities are related to the reading in English, Please! Student Book, Module 2, Unit 1, Lesson 1 pages 49-50. Firstly, you will work on some reading comprehension. Secondly, you will find some vocabulary exercises. Then, you will discover how to express necessity. In the end, you will create a comic in which you will invite your friends to be good citizens. You will share the comic with your teacher and classmates.

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Learning Guide: The future is in your hands

Author: Marcela Martínez Granada – Description: This English self – study guide helps you to recognise your abilities and to what extent they may influence your future decisions. You can also learn some insights from an entrepreneur and influencer. You will use some useful resources presented in Student’s book English Please 3 Module 1 unit 1. It starts with a vocabulary exercise in which you find the word that does not match with the others.
Then, watch a video and answer some questions about it. You will also get some pieces of
advice about your future decisions from an expert. Finally, you will write a short paragraph that will help you to clear your mind about your strengths, skills, abilities and guide your next steps. It is necessary to spread the word. That is why, share your insights in your self-assessment will help you to listen to reinforce your plans.

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Teaching Guide: Teen Culture

Author: Melba Sofía Cifuentes Rodríguez – Description: This plan will enable students to reflect on the characteristics they consider important in a role model giving them the opportunity to express their point of view and to talk about important roles for them. The lesson presents useful vocabulary in a context that creates a good speaking framework then, students will be able to enhance their communicative skills.

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