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Activate: Games for Learning American English – About Me Game Board

Author: American English – Description: The Board game, About Me. It is a game that promotes discussions about Personal Information. These resources were originally created for English language learners and teachers around the world by the Office of English Language Programs in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. Visit the American English page here:

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Learning Guide: Introduce yourself

Author: José Ayala
Edwin Sánchez Quintero
Catalina Manchola Trujillo – Description: In this self-study guide you will reinforce the communicative competences through asking and giving

personal information.
You will find three activities divided by skills, in the language task you will enrich your knowledge with
activities such as completing ID cards, matching and creating questions to certain answers, in writing
task, you will design your own identification card following the instructions given below, lastly, in speaking
task when you have the ID card you will record a video where you introduce yourself to your classmates
and your teacher.

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Learning Guide: Introducing people

Author: Belkis Amaya, Yurany Rubiano, Jorge Reyes – Description: This self-study guide helps you to practise giving information in written and oral form. All the
activities are related to the topic of personal information presented in Way to Go 6 Module 1
Unit 1 lesson 1. It starts with some vocabulary revision activities. Then, you have to answer
some questions about language use to introduce yourself (ABC and numbers), then complete a
conversation, and end up writing a dialogue to introduce yourself.

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Teaching Guide: Colombia is full of valuable people

Author: Álvaro Andrés Montaño Bustamante – Description: This lesson plan allows the teacher to work on Colombian values through studying important people who have given our country recognition all over the world. It helps the pupils to have positive models of wonderful people to be followed. Finally, it is an excellent resource to learn L2 since it leads students to practice basic tenses through different activities.

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Teaching Guide: This is me and my community

Author: Diana Rocío Muñoz Hernández – Description: This lesson plan gives students the opportunity to foster cultural knowledge of the world throughout the creation of videos. Besides, it gives teachers a chance to integrate English grammar topics to the students’ real life throughout meaningful projects. All in all, this lesson plan is a simple and fun way to have the students engaged with the learning process while interacting and knowing their own community.

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