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Learning Guide: The house

Author: Maria Tilcia Neuta Gonzalez, Lenin Chala Mendoza – Description: This English self-study guide helps you learn vocabulary about the parts of the house. All the
activities are connected to the Way to Go No 6 book. It starts with some vocabulary activities. Then,
you have to analyze and complete some exercises to describe the house. Finally, you will design a
poster with your proposal to be the class President; that poster will be shared with your teacher and

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Learning Guide: This is my house

Author: Wendy Johanna Salcedo, Virginia Patricia Buelvas, Arnulfo del Toro Alarcón – Description: The intention of this learning guide is to help your kid to talk about his/her hourse and its parts in order to ask and give information about it. To reach that aim, the students will develop some grammar and vocabulary activities. The idea is that at the end of the learning guide, the students will be able to make a short written description of his/her own house making use of the elements provided throughout this learning guide. We expect you enjoy this journey!

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