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Teaching Guide: My Body is an Amazing Machine!

Author: Rosana Josefina Narvaez Vicuña – Description: This activity plan gives the students an opportunity to practice and review vocabulary for the next class. They will also learn the importance of listening, to pay attention and follow instructions in English.

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Teaching Guide: Human body

Author: CECILIA GARCIA MEJIA – Description: This plan helps raise student’s interest in English language learning, use vocabulary in context and make the class more active.

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Teaching Guide: Taking care of our bodies

Author: DILZA LEOVANI GÓMEZ ARCOS – Description: This plan is designed to help recycle vocabulary and to add a little fun to the learning process. The idea is for students to play with the key language and then to listen to this vocabulary in context.

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Teaching Guide: Healthy physical routine

Author: Diana Luz Jaraba Ramirez – Description: This plan is a great opportunity to help your students to understand the need of keeping healthy through some physical routines. There are a lot of fun activities that can improve their communicative skills and their English learning process in an easy and meaningful way.

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Teaching Guide: Parts of the body

Author: Shirley Constanza Martinez – Description: This plan allows you to enhance the four skills in English while students describe parts of the body. Ss will learn the topic with interest and motivation since the methodology is very flexible and the activities promote the use of different intelligences: linguistic, interpersonal, musical and kinesthetic. That is why Ss are expected to have fun and learn at the same time.

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