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Learning Guide: Extreme sports

Author: Marcela Martínez Granada, Paola Andrea Lizarralde, Zulma Yaneth Duque Ortiz – Description: This English self – study guide helps you to practise vocabulary related to extreme sports and it also gives you the opportunity to train your ear and become familiar with the English sounds. Through this module, you will be able to talk about possibilities and uncertainty. Way to Go Students book 8 Module 4 unit 1.
It starts with some exercises to practise vocabulary related to extreme sports, then you will improve your listening skills with 2 comprehension tasks. You will learn some expressions to
talk about degrees of possibility and certainty. Finally, you will read an email and reply to it. Do not forget to complete your self-assessment

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Teaching Guide: How to be a good citizen

Author: Claudia Raquel Tabares Ortega – Description: This plan will be useful for helping students to reflect upon their citizenship, considering their duties and rights (rules) for being part of a community. In this lesson plan the teacher will find strategies to promote ideas sharing regarding citizenships themes.

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